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Jock2016Headshots009 resizedThank you for reading my article.

I had a realization after I wrote that article for Tiny Buddha. I realized that there is more than one way to gracefully take zero steps to happiness. There are actually five ways.

What I mean is that there are five misconceptions about human psychology that we usually pick up at some point. They operate unconsciously within us. They stand between us and our innate wellbeing. It follows that seeing through them can insert us back the wellbeing that is our default, our natural gift.

I put them together in an easy to read guide. In this guide, you’ll find an alternative perspective on peace and happiness, and why they don’t need to come from:

  • delving into our negative experiences
  • solving our past
  • the most common way we use our minds
  • outside of us
  • the content of what we already know

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