“Jock has done wonders for my inner being and perspective towards my thoughts. I enjoy our coaching sessions because they feel like a free flowing conversation, but one that has purpose and meaning. When I hang up the phone, I feel rejuvenated and in touch with my inner peace. I started working with Jock because I had become depressed, anxious, and unhappy with myself. Our conversations have helped me to change my relationship with my emotions and thoughts – to be connected with them and yet remain unconsumed by them.”

–Mark, Amherst

“Jock is a fantastic practitioner that grounded our work in connection and empathy. Together we found where my outlook on life was making my experience of the world far smaller than it ever needed to be. Easily and effortlessly we then blasted past those limitations and into an expanded experience of life and a deeper understanding of all the possibilities that lay within me and around me. 

I deeply appreciate Jock for helping me enhance my understanding of how my inner world creates my experience of the outer world and how that understanding leads to a life of increased ease and freedom. I came away from every session feeling a greater sense of lightness, aliveness, and peace of mind.”
–Max, San Francisco

“Jock served as my life coach for a little bit less than a year, and the services and guidance that he provided was not only useful and practical in my everyday life but also life changing and fulfilling. Jock is very intuitive and was able to often get at the heart of what I was trying to express quickly. Our conversations flowed naturally and I always felt that Jock was a very keen listener, very attentive to my feelings and ideas. It is often challenging for me to express how I feel or what I am thinking and to place it into words, yet Jock was able to decipher the general idea of what I was getting at rather quickly, often explaining it even better than I could! His perceptiveness and attention to detail allowed me to explore my own thoughts more deeply. Jock was also great at asking questions, often posing thoughtful questions that forced me to reconsider my thoughts on a subject and that challenged me to go deeper into my own experience. I often left conversations with Jock feeling clearer and more self aware.

While I was working with Jock, I was simultaneously seeing a professional therapist. While my sessions with her were often very productive, I felt that my sessions with Jock offered something more – not only did we explore my thoughts and feelings, but we also explored how they fit into the context of being human and how many of my “problems” were not problems at all, rather ideas and constructs that I had deemed to be “problems.’ His perspective on thought and experience has changed my perspective and reshaped how I view the world and my place in it. I am excited to continue working with Jock; he has so much to offer and is very personable and relatable, someone who I think many clients would find enjoyable to work with. I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with Jock, and I look forward to continue working together and learning together in the future.”

–Lindsay, New York City

“Jock is an incredibly positive, patient, and intuitive coach. He’s extremely kind and easy-going, but can be quick to point out thinking patterns or beliefs that can keep you stuck. He helped me really rise above my issue for what it really was… A thought. While he has a great deal of knowledge of the mind and psychology, he also values the power of spirituality and emotions, which was really refreshing. I always left our conversations feeling enlightened and inspired.”

–Caty, New York City

About me

Jock2016Headshots005I’m Jock. It is my real name, but I also happened to play a lot of sports. I’m from the east coast but currently live in Northern California. I went to college and emerged with a degree in Neuroscience and Religious Studies. Those courses gave me a background in both a fascinating scientific field and a liberating philosophical/spiritual field (I studied Hinduism, Daoism, and Zen).

Despite the hard work I put into my education and resume, I didn’t feel called to pursue the sciences or graduate school, or embark on a traditional career path when I graduated. Something seemed to be lacking in those paths, and I have chosen a more fulfilling existence. That’s where coaching comes in.

I love coaching for what it symbolizes. Coaching is all about breaking down the barriers we create for ourselves that keep us from love, success, and peace. It is about challenging assumptions, and every time I have challenged one of my assumptions and found it to be false, I have felt freer and stronger afterwards. I spent many years of my life fighting against myself, getting in my own way, trying to “fix” who I was, and being at odds with the present moment. It led to periods of depression and anxiety. And don’t get me wrong, I still experience hardships and struggles! But, thanks to what I’ve learned–or unlearned–there is a difference now. I feel them differently. I don’t fight against them, myself, and the universe. I have stumbled upon perspectives that have changed everything. My deepest mission, the reason I was put on this earth, is to be with others as they dissolve the exact same barriers, blocks, and challenges that once weighed on me.

That’s why I love coaching not only for what it symbolizes, but for the actual moment-to-moment experience of a coaching conversation. I hate small talk and love big talk. I love diving deep with the person I’m speaking with, discovering their secret motivations and clandestine dreams. I love seeing a spark of greatness and then bringing that out of them. I love being present for a major epiphany or “aha!” moment. There is such beauty, love, humanity, and genius in each person, and it is a great thrill to be in a conversation about those exact things. Our world needs more people who are alive, happy, in tune, and at peace. My mission is to be a catalyst for that personal and global transformation. That’s why I coach.

I’m currently enrolled in Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy, where I’m learning the grounding behind a truly life-changing coaching experience and working towards becoming a Certified Transformative Coach.

I also like to read and write, play guitar at open mics, take long drives, find undiscovered trails, train for a triathlon or half-marathon, stay in touch with old friends, and acquire gear for a long backpacking trip I will someday take.

What’s your story? I’d love to hear from you.