You’ll never see Netflix the same again

“The projector is real. The movie changes every week.” – Michael Neill

You’re watching Netflix. Ongoing episodes, on and on, continuously streaming from one episode to the next. Your vision is limited to only what is on the screen. If you didn’t know that there was a little device inside the computer projecting pictures onto the screen, you would be completely taken by each show. You’d be scared when the show is scary, sad when it’s sad, happy when it’s happy, and laughy when it’s funny.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But you’re the victim of each show. If you then learned that behind the shows that are constantly coming and going on your screen is a mini projector device that’s interpreting bits of data and putting it on the screen, you’d watch differently. You’d see what’s behind the show. You’d be at peace rather than at the whim of each episode.

What if your mind was the projector, projecting thought, and what you see on the screen is your experience of life?

Mind is real. But we are always feeling our thoughts, not feeling the circumstances or event. What does it feel like to see that–that we are living in the feeling of our thinking, not the feeling of the world, as Michael Neill says? Does it make things a bit less scary?