Are you creating limitation?

“We don’t create abundance. Abundance is always present. We create limitation.”

–Arnold Patent

I read this quote in an email from Steve Chandler, and I starred it right away. It cuts through so much of the nonsense we attempt, and also redirects us to our true nature.

Any attempt we make to get something we feel we don’t already have ultimately ends up as a waste of energy at best, and a significant self-sabotage at worst. Perhaps if we stopped trying so hard–if we allowed ourselves to become the plane, not the pilot–we would stop getting in our own way. When we try to get, capture, or acquire, we are affirming to the universe through our actions and thoughts that on our own, we are inadequate. And that feeling of course becomes our experience. That’s how we create limitation.

The way we tune in to abundance is by seeing through the illusion of limitation. Abundance is already there, waiting for us. It’s who are deep down, when our thinking doesn’t convince us we’re small.